How To Pack for Your Move Without Using Bubble Wrap, According to the Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — You know you want to do it. Everyone loves bubble wrap! While your first instinct may be to reach for the bubble wrap when packing your valuable items, it might not be the best option. Bubble wrap offers excellent protection to many fragile items, but there are some drawbacks. The two most significant are the price and environmental hazards that plastic causes.

At Lifetime Moving, the best Scottsdale local moving company, we understand that you want to keep your valuables protected during your move. However, there are more ways besides bubble wrap to ensure that nothing breaks while in transit. Below we’ll discuss reasons why you shouldn’t use bubble wrap for everything, and we’ll also give you some alternative supplies that will get the job done.

Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Bubble Wrap

While using bubble wrap during your move is quick and easy, there are more some major drawbacks that a Scottsdale local moving company might want you to consider. The first one is the price. The price of bubble wrap varies depending on where you purchase it; 150 feet costs over $20 at U-Haul, while 400 ft can cost over $30 at Walmart. This is a steep price considering you have items in your home you can use to pack your valuables.

Another drawback of using bubble wrap is the negative effect it has on the environment. Bubble wrap is non-degradable, so it sits in a landfill for years. There is now eco-friendly bubble wrap, but it’s more expensive than the regular.

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Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — What Can I Use to Pack Besides Bubble Wrap?

The best Scottsdale local moving company knows that you technically don’t have to use bubble wrap when packing for your move. There are plenty of objects in your home you can use to protect your valuables. So, what other alternative packing methods are there? Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company

Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — Packing Paper

A Scottsdale local moving company suggests using packing paper instead of bubble wrap because it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly. It’s soft enough to create the cushion you need for your valuables and conforms to the object’s shape, keeping it protected from dust and moisture.

Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — Towels

Towels are great padding for valuable items, and you probably have a lot of them in your home. You don’t need to use brand new towels either; old ones work just as well. However, it’s important to remember that towels will weigh down your boxes more than bubble wrap, making them a little harder to carry.

Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — Blankets

Just like towels, blankets are great padding for your valuable items, and they don’t need to be brand new. Wrap them around your bigger valuables to give them more protection.

Best Scottsdale Local Moving Company — Newspaper

You can use old newspapers to pack your valuables. However, the best Scottsdale local moving company advises you to be careful if you go this route. You run the risk of getting ink stains on your valuables, but they still work well as space fillers.

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