Money Saving Tips with Your Local Moving Company in Scottsdale — If you are thinking about moving, choose your local moving company in Scottsdale to help you save a few bucks this fall. Inflation has everyone wanting to cut costs, and moving companies can sometimes cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, our team at Lifetime Moving & Storage, a premier Scottsdale local moving company, has provided some wonderful ideas to save you money.

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Your Local Moving Company in Scottdale Recommends Advanced Panning

Make sure you plan ahead before choosing to go with your local moving company in Scottdale. Moving supplies can add up quickly, so look for free or discounted moving supplies a few months in advance. Ask your friends and family that have just moved, and there are lots of college kids out there with extra boxes making their moves right now. By planning ahead, you can avoid the high costs of moving.

Money Saving Tips with Your Local Moving Company in Scottsdale

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Once you have your boxes and have called a Scottsdale local moving company to book your date, make sure you also follow these planning tips below:

  • Get your truck in advance
  • Do not book on the weekends
  • Do not book in the summer or holidays
  • Ask friends to help with moving day or hire a local moving company in Scottsdale
  • Get rid of things to minimize your move
  • Sell items you no longer need in a garage sale to help pay for your move
  • Donate things you no longer want

Our Scottsdale Local Moving Company Gives More Creative Money Saving Tips

Use what your have to help with packing fragile items. Don’t forget to use blankets and towels to wrap up those glasses, plates, and vases. No need for expensive plastic wrap. This will help with shifting and breaking during your move with our local moving company in Scottdale. Another idea is to use your totes to pack up your belongings. Use your suitcases and things for travel. No need to let perfectly good bags go to waste.

Final ways to be Frugal from Lifetime Moving and Storage

  • Only hire moving help for bulky items like appliances and furniture
  • Save your TV’s original box for safe packing
  • Have friends and family help with all the little stuff


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Money Saving Tips with Your Local Moving Company in Scottsdale