It can be hard to get into the holiday spirit if you’re moving around Christmas time. Any Scottsdale local moving company will understand how unpleasant moving during the holiday season can be.

At Lifetime Moving and Storage, we want your move to go as smoothly as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to make your holiday move a little easier.

Get Organized!

When moving, especially during the holiday season, a moving and storage company in Scottsdale might suggest making a list and checking it twice! It’s easy to leave things behind when packing and loading your items. You want to double-check that you don’t leave anything behind, especially any Christmas presents.

Professional moving companies suggest that you start packing about a month in advance. That way, you do not have to rush to pack everything and, you have more time to double-check and make sure everything is ready for moving day.

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early

The last thing you want to worry about in the middle of your move is buying presents. Start shopping earlier in the year if you know that you are planning to move around the holidays. You might also consider buying presents when you find them, even if it isn’t the holiday season. This way, you have bought everything beforehand and now have more money to budget in with your move.

Hire a Trusted Scottsdale Moving and Storage Company!

One of the best ways to make your holiday move easier is to hire a professional moving company. Winter isn’t a busy time for moving companies, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make an appointment. However, make sure you call the moving company at least two weeks before your moving date.

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Don’t Pack All of Your Holiday Decorations!

According to a long distance moving company in Scottsdale, a great way to keep yourself in the holiday spirit is to keep some of your holiday decorations out. Although you have to pack a lot of your belongings away, moving companies suggest leaving out small decorations like a wreath and a tabletop tree to help get you feeling festive.

Buy Any Moving Supplies You Need During Holiday Sales

If you need last-minute moving supplies, like a dolly or packing tape, a local moving company in Scottsdale suggests waiting until the holiday sales pick them up. Places like office supply stores normally discount moving supplies but hardly ever sell out of them, so it’s an ideal time to purchase everything you need for your move.

Moving during the holiday season isn’t ideal, but there are ways to make the task easier. Start Christmas shopping early, and get your packing done before the holiday festivities start. Moving companies also suggest leaving a few decorative items out; that way, you can still feel festive during the busy time.

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