Update Contract back from Pick up

1.    Retrieve Job by order #
2.    Go to CHARGES screen:
3.    Update “Request Delivery” tab and enter delivery spread (look for this date on the front of the envelope). Use the business days calendar counter app on your PC.
4.    Go to OPERATIONS screen:
5.    Go to JOB COMPLETION screen:
6.    On the contract – look for form: Interstate Bill of Lading
7.    Compare numbers to granot JOB COMPLETION scree, look for additional charges on the Bill of Lading form, which are not showing in granot.
8.    Update actual Total Job Cu Ft or LBS tab on the right side of the screen.
9.    Update correct rate per lbs/cu ft in “actual” and “overload” fields. *On broker jobs, check for the correct rate per lbs/cu ft on the Broker order for service!*
10. Add the additional items (if any) only:
a.    Got to “other services” link (still on job completion screen)
b.    Add services one by one (description and cost should match the Bill of Lading/contract form)
11. Delete all $0.01 Discounts in JOB COMPLETION screen and add one total discount as shows on the Bill of Lading/contract form.
12. On Broker jobs, delete the Broker adj” discount or add on.
13. Go to PAYMENT  screen:
Enter payment received by driver and the form of payment (confirm cc slip or cash and money orders with Ben, that in fact amount listed was received)
14.  Go to JOB COMLETION screen:
15. All figures showing in JOB COMPLETION screen must match the Bill of Lading/contract form.
16. The balance in granot must now match the balance on the Bill of Lading (BOL)/contract AND the Envelope.
17. Go to “print’ icon on the lower right, still in JOB COMPLETION, screen
18. Print Screen “Company Invoice” (CTRL+P)
19. Go to “print” again
20. Select all, but without the packing bottom part of the company invoice form.
21. Copy (CTRL+C)
22. Go to ops email templates
23. Open template “After Pick up Invoice”
24. Paste the copied invoice to yellow highlighted area.
25. Enter customer’s DELIVERY SPREAD in yellow highlighted area.
26. Copy customer’s email (it’s in the invoice, no need to look up in granot).
27. Paste the email in “to” and SEND to customer.
28. Also email customer template “Pick up Feedback”
29. Go to OPERATIONS screen
30. Pick up info tab:
a.    Click “Assign Truck”
b.    Select truck, check box
c.    Submit to save
d.    Click “Assign Worker”
e.    Select worker, as shows on envelope contract, Driver and Helper.
f.     Enter total ACTUAL job Cu Ft, as shows on the envelope, written in black marker by the driver.
g.    Confirm that “Moving to” address on the right is matching what’s on the the front of envelope contract address. Enter and update delivery address and phone #s here if not matching what is in granot pick up info tab.
h.    Click “submit pick up” button to save.
31. Go to STORAGE screen:
a.    Storage Details – Select Storage Code:
b.    Select “Lifetime”
c.    Click box “Storage in Transit”
d.    Update “Next Bill Date” (look on contract if 1 month or other storage free, update correct upcoming bill date).
e.    Update “Storage Fee” – calculate: actual lbs, per Bill of Lading/contract X $0.06, per month.
f.     Enter “Crate/Vault” - amount (this info shows on back of contract envelope).
g.    Enter “Total Pallet” (info on back of envelope.
h.    Enter “Moving Pads” (info on front on envelope, showing as “blankets”).
i.     Enter “Date Out”- this is the requested delivery date from envelope.
j.     Sticker info - (look at inv list or back of envelope) – enter Lot #, color, From/To, # on sticker.
k.    Location in Storage – “Storage #, # of pallets, left or right (per envelope), T or B.
l.     Click “submit” to save.
32. If job is ready for delivery (no storage) Go to PRINT SLIP screen:
a.    Print slip
b.    Highlight the “Date customer can receive delivery” (FADD)
c.    Highlight destination city and state.
d.    Place slip on Ben’s Load board per region (NE, NW, MID , etc).
e.    Update Lifetime/Dependable E- Board, per Ben!  
33.  Follow the “Check and balances” below procedure.
1.    Balance on Bill of Lading and Envelope and Job Completion screen (top left side of screen) must always match!
2.    Write the balance due on the envelope and initial next to it.
3.    Stamp envelope:
a.    Stamp “Paid”
b.    Stamp “Entered”
c.    Stamp “V” next o the balance and delivery address if matching JOB COMPLETION screen in granot.
d.    Enter representative remarks with “contract back from pick up, entered
4.    Scan the contract (follow separate instructions)
5.     Save to google drive with “customer name and job #”
6.    Copy and paste the scanned link onto JOB COMPLETION screen “slip remarks” box.
7.     Place scanned and separated contract into appropriate bin (SIT if storage or per  Region if ready to accept delivery)
1. Email the scanned contract to customer and broker!
2. Call customer with the following script (this can also be your vm script):
Hi, This Lifetime Moving & Storage . The purpose of the call today is to ensure that you received your invoice after pick up, we sent to your email earlier today? Please check your junk folder as well. Please read the email content as it will include important information regarding your move. If you have any questions, please call us at 602-344-9988 ext. 4. Thank you