Update Contract back from Delivery

 1.   Scan all Forms Back form delivery agent.
2.    Go to GOOGLE DRIVE on your PC
3.    Retrieved scanned forms from folder
4.    Rename – Job #, Shipper’s Full Name, “Del”
5.    Save to “Complete Job” folder by month (pick up date)
6.    Copy del link
7.    In granot: paste link to JOB COMPLETION in “slip remarks” box
8.    Updated JOB COMPLETION screen:
9.    Add additional charges listed on Bill of Lading/contract from the driver.
10. Go to PAYMENT screen:
11. Enter payment to driver, per Bill of Lading/contract.
12. Now your balance should show “$0.00” in granot (top left).
13. Go to DELIVERY screen:
14. Delivery 1 tab, check the delivery date “confirm” box and out of storage “ok”
15. Go to CHARGES screen and enter representative remarks with “scanned, entered back from delivery”.
16. Go to JOB COMPLETION and “close job” button
17. Copy customer’s email address
18. Go to ops email templates, send email template “Delivery Feedback” to customer.
19. Stamp envelope with all 4 stamps.
20. Add Original copies to shipper’s manila file
21. Shred unnecessary copies.