Booking - Need e-sign and deposit (10% for AZ pu, 30% for no AZ pu).
3 Business Days before pick up call, text and email - reminding booked that deadline is 2 B.D at 2 PM, before pick up.
2 Business Days at 2 PM dead line - before pick up call, text and email - last chance to:
*Make changes to inventory list with your sales rep (and get the linehaul discount on add ons).
*Cancel your move

1 Business Day before pick up (the evening of) - OPS staff will call you with your pick up ETA.
24 Hours before Delivery (LD moves) - Your assigned Delivery Agent/Driver will call you with drop off ETA.

The pick up day - Add on items with driver can be done. A revised estimate will be prepared. No discounts can be offered at this time. Binding estimates - cannot lower cost if removes items from the list at pick up time. This is why all inventory changes are better to be made with sales rep no later than 2 BD at  2PM before pick up.
7 Business Days notice before your FADD - is required to request your shipments to be shipped out from Lifetime Storage (must complete del req form).
**Note! Time arrivals are always estimated, therefore its name "ETA".
LD CC Payments - must pay in full at pick up, if wants it all on CC/Debit Card - 3% processing fee will apply to 40% (del balance) of actual order cost. No CC will be accepted after pick up. Only cash or POSTAL money order.

Storage - 3% late fee will be applied for the first late payment. Second late payment - shipment will be auctioned to the public.

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