So you have decided to move in with a friend or multiple friends. Whether it’s out at college, or you’re just getting your feet wet in the real world, moving in with friends can be an exciting time. Before you get too overly excited, take some advice from a trusted Scottsdale local moving company and be careful who you decide to live with.

Many times, close friends are not well suited to live together. That’s why Lifetime Moving & Storage is here to help. As a trusted local moving company in Scottsdale, we have compiled some information that can help you decide whether or not to move in with your close friends. Hopefully, you will consider all these factors and make an informed decision before signing a lease and making your big move.

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Consider All the Factors of Living Together

It is important to establish ground rules before making it official that you are moving in with friends. These are some areas of utmost importance according to moving and storage companies in Scottsdale:


Clearly communicate with each roommate what their share of the monthly rent and utilities will be. Make sure you establish what add-ons you will have for your home, such as internet, cable, streaming services, etc. That way, there will be no surprises at the end of each month.

Cleaning Responsibilities

It can always get a little tense inside a home or apartment when there is one person who is a bit messy, and another individual who is a neat freak. Make sure you establish some ground rules on cleaning and organizing in your new residence. Whether it’s dishes, vacuuming, or dusting, have a clear plan on who is responsible for this on a regular basis.


Initially, when you move in with friends, you are both so excited it might be easy to think, “What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.” That attitude might be short-lived if your roommate drinks the rest of the milk you bought, or they eat the last bag of chips you were saving for a late-night snack. As a long-time Scottsdale local moving company, we recommend avoiding these conflicts by clearly defining what you will and will not share while living together.

Guest Policies

You may want to have other friends over constantly, but your roommate is more on the quiet side. Or maybe your roommate has a boyfriend or girlfriend that stays over all the time, and you aren’t very comfortable with it. As a respected local moving company in Scottsdale, we know that these situations can arise. Make sure you and your friends are clear on your guest policy before you decide to move in together.

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