1. Pull SIT bin with contracts in storage
2. In granot, retrieve file by job #
3. Go to STORAGE screen
4. Check that the pick up date on the contract is matching “date in” on STORAGE screen.
5. Check that “next bill date” is accurate (based on # of free storage days granted on order for service). No pro ration is offered for storage.
6. Check that monthly fee is accurate (actual LBS X $0.06 per month). If broker job, check order for service.
7. Go to JOB COMPLETION and check that customer was billed. If not, enter in “other services” link: “storage for X/X/X-X/X/X (one month cycle) and the $xxx”
8. Submit o save changes. ALWAYS submit to save before you move screens or tabs.
9. Go to PAYMENT screen:
10. Look for latest storage payment done. If no storage payment done and account is not current:
11. Go to JOB completion: add “Late fee” $ equal to 3% of storage monthly due.
12. Go to ops email template to email storage bill:
13. Email appropriate template:

“Storage 1st notice”
“Storage 2nd notice and final”
“Storage Auction Notice”
**Make sure to complete all yellow fields in the email template before you send.
    14. Call client with balance due and collect payment.
    15. If collected payment - in granot go to PAYMENT screen and enter
CC Auh number,
Amount paid,
“Storage date from to date to”
    16. In granot go to CHARGES screen and notate file of what done.
    17. Place contract back in the SIT bin.

Storage Balance Due Procedure