Separate and Scan Contract back from Pick up

1.    Separate all Original copies
2.    Copy the Envelope to size 78%
3.    Arrange the forms BEFORE you scan as follow:
a.    Brokers Order for Service (when it’s a Broker job)
b.    Lifetime Order for Service (OFS)
c.    Bill of Lading
d.    Revised Estinate
e.    Long Distance Form
f.     Inventory List (by order, all pages!)
g.    Packing Materials Form
h.    Accesorial
i.     Bingo sheet
j.     Other Addendums
k.    Transit Time Form
l.     Credit card authorization form (if applies)
m.  Credit Card Slips (if paid with credit card)
n.    Survey goes last!
4.    Go to scan machine:
a.    Arrange ALL forms facing same direction (per scanner)
b.    Scan
5.    Save the scanned forms to Google Drive as: “Job #, Full Customer Name, Pick up LD or Pick up Local”
6.    Copy file link and paste to granot JOB COMLETION screen: in “slip remarks” field.
7.    Email copy of link to Booking Broker and Customer, use ops email template: “Broker - PU scan”.
8.    Bundle all forms back in this order:
a.    Bill of Lading - Original + copy
b.    Inventory List – Original + copy
c.    Accesorial - Original + copy
d.    Bingo Sheet
e.    Long Distance Form
f.     Customer Feedback