How is Cost Determined?
The tariff rate is based on the federal established table of measurement (your inventory list)
The mileage between pickup to drop off
Other services requested, or needed to complete the move.

*The actual weight or volume of items listed WILL NOT affect the rate of the move.
*A binding estimate is Binding both on customer and carrier. Removing items off the shipment at pick up time, will NOT reduce the price of the move.

Pick up - PLUS Xtra Charges:
Packing of Mandatory items fee - TV's, Mattresses, Box Springs, Pictures, Mirrors, Glass/Marble/Tile tops tables, China Cabinets, Glass Shelves.
Packing - Partial service fee - Al la Carte
Packing - Full service fee - see packages (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) - see list
Bulky Item fee - see list
Handling fee - see list
Extra pick up fee  - if over 10 miles from first pick up - $2/mile from 1st mile
Prepay ALL move with CC - 3% Credit Card processing fee
Certificate Of Insurance (COI) with added insured fee - $50
Xtra Insurance Coverage fee - Third Party - MovingInsurance.com
Full Value Protection increased liability (FVP) fee -
Xtra items at pick up (crew leader revise)
Xtra packing at pick up (crew leader revise)
Storage fee - when over 30 days -
Disposal of item fee -

Delivery - PLUS Xtra Charges:
Shuttle fee- no access to a 53-72 ft trailer drop off -
Long Carry fee- no direct access to a 53-72 ft trailer to door -
Stairs fee - over 14 steps from truck to final drop off (including indoors)-
Elevator fee -
Extra Drop off fee (can do up to 50 miles from first drop off) -
Storage at destination fee , when customer refuses to accept delivery -
Waiting time fee-
Re-delivery fee -
COI with added insured fee - $50
Expedite delivery service fee -
Guaranteed delivery date fee -
Ferry fee -
Boxes removal fee -

Red Flag States - we rarely deliver to, and require Anna’s price and ability approval before pricing: ID, MT, North MICHIGAN, Upstate NY, North-East WA, ND, SD, WY, ME, VT, South -East TX Galveston Area, NH, MN, North-East OR.

**These states will always fall under delivery up to 21 Business Days (BD) from the customer’s First Available Delivery Date (FADD).

Guaranteed Delivery Standard Spreads for AZ pick ups (no fee):
1-1000 miles: delivery within 7 business days from FADD
1001-1500 miles: delivery within 14 business days From FADD
1501+ miles: delivery within 21 business days from FADD

**Standard delivery for non-AZ pick ups and /or delivery to red flag states is within 21 business days from FADD.

Guaranteed Expedite Delivery Spread for AZ pick ups (Fee and requires OK):
250-400 miles - 1 - 7 days from FADD
401-1000 miles - 1 - 10 days from FADD
1001-1500 miles - 1 - 13 days from FADD
1501+ miles - 1 - 14 days from FADD

Guaranteed Blocked Delivery Dates for AZ pick ups (Fee and requires OK):
Delivery less than 7 days from FADD
Delivery between specific block of dates and less than expedite spread.

Expedite Delivery Spread
Blocked Delivery Dates
Xtra Insurance Coverage (Third party)
Full Packing

**Storage with Lifetime is always at pick up state location**

Long Distance/State to State/Interstate  Moves