QA for Booked Jobs - Sales Manager 

1. Check that all names on file. Including payer. 
2. Check full pick up address
3. Check:
Full Delivery Address on file - check for FADD
Enter delivery spread using BD calendar. 
4. Check "other services"
*Delivery spread
*Packing options. PBO must show if no other packing package was selected.
*Long carry

Check discount. 
If packing credit  - look for packing debit. 

5. Review inv list for:
Bulky items - need fee
Manually entered items - need dimensions WxHxDx7
Mattresses/Box Springs/TV - need pack or notes if self packs
6.  Deposit - run it and update payment tab
7. Check that signed/email acknowledged terms and conditions. 
8. Check log and assign job to rep/s
9. Email job to customer
10. Workspace ops - email printed estimate to leads1@lifetimemoving.com via "LD booked" template.
11. Workspace ops - email customer the "QA - your move is completed" template. Complete all yellow fields first!