Prep Contract For Delivery Driver + Load Report + Del ETA

1.    Bingo sheet on top
2.    Long Distance Form
3.    Bill of Lading
4.    Inventory List (ALL pages in right order)
5.    Fold legal size form on edge
6.    Staple all together
7.    In granot – JOB COMPLETION screen: look for storage bill that wasn’t missed
8.    In PAYMENT screen: check for updated payment for storage (if job was in SIT)
9.    Job that has a storage open balance CANNOT BE LOADED OR LEAVE THE STATE!
10. Verify that Balance is correct on envelope (compare with Bill of lading and granot file)
11. Find and correct discrepancy, if found.
12. Highlight the balance on envelope.
Copies for office:
1.    Remaining copies and Revised Estimate form – place in manila file. Waiting for delivery agent to send back upon completion and gather all to close after delivery.
2.    Bundle all manila folders loaded on the same driver.
3.    Review the LOAD REPORT with Ben for accuracy.
4.    Add to bundle the correct LOAD REPORT
5.    Give the driver a copy of his LOAD REPORT
In Granot:
6.    Got to file’s CHARGES screen, in “operations” box (left bottom) with
ETA dates,
driver name and phone number,
Date loaded.
7.    Go to OPERATIONS tab
8.    Go to “DEL 1” tab: select “Agent” to assign the delivery agent to the file.
9.    Enter delivery dates range given by driver.
10. Make granot representative remarks with “handled laod report and contract for del agent”.
11. Call, email ops template “Delivery ETA” and text customers with balance due before drop off (cash or postal money order only!) approximate ETA (do not give exact dates!! Use:  “delivery of your shipment will be within 10 days and the driver will call you a day before”!
12. NOTE! Delivery driver’s ETA dates are for internal info only!