Pick up ETA Procedure

Call customer with pick up ETA:

Hi, this is Lifetime Moving, your moving company. How are you (good, dandy, bad). We are calling to confirm your move for tomorrow; we have you on the schedule for XX-XX. This is your crew’s estimated time of arrival, depends on traffic and other pick-ups. The driver will call you when on their way. Excellent! We will see you tomorrow, have a great day!
In granot:
1.    In CHARGES screen: make representative remarks with “called to confirm pu ETA”.
2.    Enter pick up time frame (next to pick up dates).
3.    Check the “Confirm” box, only  if spoke with client and confirmed the ETA.
4.    Select name of “Agent” (driver) in “estimate detail” box.
Leave a Message Procedure
Hi, this is Lifetime Moving and Storage at 602-344-9988 ext. 4
We are calling from the dispatch office to confirm your move for tomorrow. Estimated time of arrival is XX-XX. It is important that you call us back to confirm. Call 602-344-9988 ext. 4
In granot:
1.    Left msg for pu ETA, asked to call back.
2.    Enter pick up time frame in CHARGES screen. DO NOT CHECK THE “CONFIRM” box.
3.    Select name of “Agent” (driver) in “estimate detail” box.
4.    Text customer with ETA, from ring central app. Ask to reply within 10 minutes.