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Rate to Purchase                                             Rate to Pack (excluding materials) 

Small (Book) Box $5.50                                     $7.50

Medium Box $7.50                                            $10.50

Lamp Box $9.00                                                 $11.00

Dish Pack $12.50                                               $25.00

Picture/ Mirror Box $11.00                              $22.00

Wardrobe Box $22.00                                      $14.00

Mattress/ Box Spring Cover  $35.00              N/A

Bubble wrap (per ft.) $1.50                             N/A

Shrink Wrap (per item) $12.00                       N/A

Tape (per roll) $3.50                                         N/A

Blanket purchase $25.00                                 N/A      

TV Box Crate $50.00                                         N/A 

Crate Cardboard (Small) $25.00                     N/A

Crate Cardboard (Large) $50.00                     N/A

Crate Wood (Small) $150.00                           N/A

Crate Wood (Medium) $250.00                      N/A 

Crate Wood (Large) $350.00                           N/A

***NOTE: Packing services do not include the removal of any packing debris. Such service is available upon request and will be charged in addition to any and or all packing charges.