Whether you are moving to the other side of town or clear across the country, it is critical to make sure all your items are packed properly. As a trusted Scottsdale long distance moving company, Lifetime Moving & Storage knows it is especially important to pack your fragile items using extra care and the right packing materials.

Any reliable long distance moving company in Scottsdale should be able to quickly identify items that need to be moved with extra caution. Typically, fragile items are primarily made of glass. We all know that glass is extremely breakable, and broken pieces can become extremely dangerous. If you were to reach into a box with a jagged shard of glass, it could result in a nasty cut that might require medical attention.

What Are Some Ways to Keep Fragile Items from Breaking?

With years of experience as a dependable Scottsdale local moving company, our team at Lifetime Moving & Storage knows what you need to ensure a safe move with no broken items. Here’s some friendly tips that will help make moving day a success.

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Get Plenty of Smaller Boxes

Putting all of your smaller, breakable items into a large box is a recipe for disaster. Using boxes that are compact and thick will help prevent items from shifting around during your move. The less shifting, the smaller the chances are for your items to break.

Also, make sure you fill any open spaces within each box. Use towels, bubble wrap, and crumpled-up newspaper to avoid breaking any items.

Seal the Bottom of Your Boxes Multiple Times

Have you ever lifted a box, and the bottom completely gives out? That happens when the bottom is not properly taped and sealed. Any good Scottsdale long distance moving company will make sure that all boxes are properly taped and sealed to ensure that all items stay safe. It is always wise to tape the bottom of the box at least 2 or 3 times.

Scottsdale Long Distance Moving Company

Label All Boxes with Glass or Breakable Items as “Fragile”

When you are moving dozens of boxes on moving day, it is easy for things to get mixed up. You might think you are carrying a box of clothes, but then you find out later it was actually some old books. As an experienced long distance moving company in Scottsdale, our experts suggest labeling each box with a description of what is inside.

If the box has items that are breakable, then take a thick red marker and write “FRAGILE” in multiple areas on the box. That way, you can make sure that your delicate items are handled with the utmost care. A simple tip like this can prevent a lot of headaches on moving day.

Scottsdale Long Distance Moving Company

Need Help Moving? Call a Reliable Long-Distance and Local Moving Company in Scottsdale

If you need assistance moving all your fragile items, smaller items, and bulky items, Lifetime Moving & Storage can do it all. As a trusted and reliable moving and storage company in Scottsdale, our team of movers can help you move out of your current residence and into your newly purchased home.

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