As one of the best Scottsdale local moving companies, Lifetime Moving & Storage knows that many people dread moving. There is so much prep work that needs to be done, getting boxes ready, asking for help, and of course, the thing that makes many people cringe, lifting those large, heavy items.

However, there may be ways to avoid messing with some of the massive items on moving day. This article will discuss some of the most common items that most people are leaving behind when they sell their home, according to Scottsdale moving and storage companies.


A refrigerator is a necessity for every kitchen, but unfortunately, they are typically very awkward, heavy, and difficult to move without a Scottsdale moving and storage company. Untrained movers could potentially get injured, damage the floors, or damage the unit while attempting to move this heavy-duty appliance. Also, refrigerators come in multiple shapes and sizes, so a refrigerator that fits in your current home may not be a great fit for your new residence.

Moving and storage companies in Scottsdale suggest negotiating with the buyers of your current home and seeing if you can reach an agreement where they would purchase your current refrigerator so that there is no risk of damage or injuries when trying to move it. On the flip side, you should do the same negotiation with the owners of your future home. That way, no one has to move a refrigerator, and there is one waiting for each new homeowner on moving day.

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Washers and Dryers

Not only are washers and dryers heavy and challenging to move, but they are typically stored in very tight spaces. Removing washers and dryers is typically something that is left for a professional Scottsdale local moving company to handle. These appliances can also be negotiated into the price of your current home when you are ready to sell it. If the buyers are willing to purchase these appliances, it will save everyone the headache of moving the units and unhooking the hoses and vents.

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Pool Table

If you are the owner of a pool table, you know that when it is originally delivered, it came in multiple parts and several smaller boxes. However, once it is assembled, it is very difficult to take apart if you want to move it to a new location. And the sheer size of a table makes it almost impossible to move if it stays in one piece. If you want to remove the table, hire the best local moving company in Scottsdale because it is no easy task, but if the new homeowners are interested in the table, see if you can come to an agreement to leave the table behind for them to enjoy.

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