Interstate Questioner

Interstate Moves -
Mandatory Questions to be covered during estimating/booking and repeat at the 3BD before pick up call. All that applies must be documented in the appropriate fields on customer's granot file.

1. What date do you need us to pick up? ---> We are local and your pick up date is guaranteed!
2. What is the reason for your move?
3. Who will be paying for this move? - A minimum of 60% is due at pick up (includes the paid deposit), via cash, card or POSTAL money order only! Prepayment with a Card, for total move cost, is accepted at pick up only. 3% processing fee applies to the 40% remaining balance. Cards will not be accepted after pick up! After pick up, only cash or POSTAL money order will be accepted! To prepay for the move, send in the “credit card authorization form”, no later than 2 business days before the pick up - go to www.LifetimeMoving.com --->24/7 Help Desk ---> Credit Card Authorization Form.
4. What is the full pick up address?
5. Is this a military base? ---> Extra fee applies.
6. What is the best number to reach you before pick up and before delivery? ---> We will contact you the day before with your crew’s ETA. Contact can be via email, call or text.
7. Do you have a secondary phone number? 
8. What is your email address? Please spell it for me. 
9. What are the names of all peoples involved in this move? ---> info regarding your move will not be given to people calling and not listed on your order.
10. What are the phone numbers for these people involved in your move?
11. Are there any stairs at pick up? If yes, how many? No fee applies. It helps dispatch determine the size of the crew/trucks needed.
12. Are there any stairs at drop off? If yes, how many? ---> Over 14 stairs, Extra fee applies. $75 for every additional 14 stairs. ---> Long carry may also apply.
13. Is there an elevator at pick up? ---> No fee applies. It helps dispatch determine the size of the crew needed.
14. Is there an elevator at delivery? ---> Extra fee applies - $75. ---> Long carry may also apply.
15. Will there be easy access and parking for a 53 ft/72 ft truck at drop off? ---> No access? ---> Extra fee applies ---> Shuttle - 10 cents/bill of lading lbs.
16. Are you shipping any unusually shaped items or heavier than 200 lbs? ---> Extra handling fee applies.
17. What furniture and how many boxes do you need us to pick up and ship?
18. Do you need help packing your boxes? Yes? ---> Extra fee applies. We offer few options to save you time and money.
19. For liability reasons, movers will need to professionally pack these items : TVs, glass top/marble top furniture, glass doors/shelves furniture, pictures, mirrors, mattresses, box springs and any other fragile items that do not fit in a regular box or you did not pack. ---> Extra fee applies.
20. What is the earliest date you can accept delivery (FADD)? ---> Advise of their business days delivery window from this date (FADD), based on order mileage. No black dates in between these dates are offered, customer needs to be available and accept shipment anytime between these delivery window dates! We do offer expedited delivery options ---> Extra fee applies.
21. Do you need us to store your belongings? ---> Extra fee applies after the first 30 days of storage. 6 cents per bill of lading lbs. ---> Advise of 7 business days notice required to request delivery. Must be in writing via the “delivery request form” on www.LifetimeMoving.com --->24/7 Help Desk ---> Delivery Request Form.
22. Order is less than 2000 lbs? ---> Add adj to min to meet 2000 lbs
Item not in granot default inventory list? ---> Ask customer for dimensions: WxHxDx7 - It’s the only way you are to manually enter the description and lbs of an item into granot inventory list.
23. What are your service expectations? Are there any restrictions we should be aware of? ---> Extra fee applies if any restrictions.
24. To book an AZ LD pick up - need order signed or acknowledged in reply to emailed order “I agree to all terms and conditions of my order below”  and 10% deposit.
25. To book a non AZ pick up - need order signed or acknowledged in reply to emailed order “I agree to all terms and conditions of my order below”  and 30% deposit.

Note! All and any changes to booked order must be done no later than 2 business days, at 2pm, before the scheduled pick up date.

Note! All and changes to order after the pick up, must be done in writing only, via the www.LifetimeMoving.com 24/7 Help Desk forms:
*Delivery Request Form
*Release Form

Note! After pick up, customers can request status of delivery via the www.LifetimeMoving.com 24/7 Help Desk form:
*Track My Shipment