A physically demanding task that many of us don’t look forward to is moving day.  One easy way to avoid the challenges of moving is to hire the best Scottsdale moving and storage company, Lifetime Moving and Storage.

However, should you try to take on this task without assistance from the best Scottsdale local moving company, there are various ways you can prevent injuries to yourself and all your moving helpers.  In this article we’ll discuss some of the more common moving injuries and how you can prevent them.

  • Toes, Hands, and Finger Injuries
  • Hernias
  • Back Injuries
  • Cramps and Muscle Strains

Toes, Hands, and Finger Injuries

While moving heavy objects, it can be common to get your hands or feet pinned under a heavy object.  This will primarily affect your toes and fingers.  The best Scottsdale long distance moving and storage companies recommend wearing close-toed shoes or steel-toed boots to protect your feet.  Wearing high-quality gloves can also prevent cuts from jagged objects and smashed fingers.

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A hernia can occur whenever you attempt to lift something that is too heavy.  During a hernia your abdominal wall becomes weakened which allows the intestine to push through the weakened area.  If you must lift something heavy, take the proper precautions by using a lifting belt.  If you are still uncomfortable then reach out to the best moving and storage company in Scottsdale for assistance, that’s Lifetime Moving and Storage.

Back Injuries

Another potential area that can be injured during heavy lifting is your back.  When you are lifting something that is awkward and heavy, that is when the back is most at-risk for injury.  Ask for assistance from a friend or from the best Scottsdale moving and storage company and be sure to bend your knees to more evenly distribute the weight you are lifting.

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Cramps and Muscle Strains

When muscles are over-used and under-stretched, that is when they are the most vulnerable to injuries.  They can also be heavily impacted by cold conditions, and if you are not properly hydrated.  The best long distance moving companies in Scottsdale encourage movers to properly hydrate in the days before their move, and the morning of your move be sure to get in a good stretching session to warm up those muscles.

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The last thing you want once you are moved into your new home is to be injured and not be able to enjoy your new environment.  So, save the heavy lifting for the best local moving company in Scottsdale.  Call us today with any questions at (602) 344-9988.  We’ll be happy to assist you!