How to Close Pick up Driver

1. Retrieve file by order #
2. Go to OPERATION tab
4. Ask driver if overload (extra items causing volume increase)
5. If over-load, use calculator and add extra LBS/cu ft to estimated
6. Enter the new total job volume in “total job volume” field.
7. Enter the rate per LBS in the overload box
8. If its a broker job, ask the driver to check the rate per LBS/CU FT on Broker’s Order for service
9. Update the rate per LBS/Cu ft in both “Actual” and “Over Load” boxes.
10. Ask driver id any additional charges (i.e packing)
11. Add to “other services”
12. Ask driver to give you all discount amounts on order and enter is “discount” link one by one. REMOVE ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS AND BROKER ADJ.
13. Save
14. Ask driver to call you back with payment received.
15. In PAYMENT screen - enter type of payment, if CC, enter transaction ID, amount, “paid to driver name”.
16. In JOB DESCRIPTION screen - click the “print” icon - copy up to remarks field
17. Go to ops email template, select “After PU invoice”,Paste the invoice you copied into the yellow field,
18. In granot CHARGES screen - in representative remarks - paste invoice sent.
19. Copy email address
20. Send email to customer.

21. Text screen shot of invoice to driver.