So, your big move is coming and you’re getting everything organized to make the process as smooth as possible.  You’ve already called and set up a time with Lifetime Moving and Storage, the best moving and storage company in Scottsdale, to come and remove your bulky items.  However, there is still a sizeable list of tasks that need to be done in preparation for moving day.

As one of the best long distance moving companies in Scottsdale, Lifetime Moving and Storage has listed some of the easiest ways to prepare your current home to be ready for our moving professionals.  Here’s a few items that should be complete before the movers arrive:

  • Pre-Pack Small Items
  • Take Inventory
  • Take Photos
  • Clean and Organize

Pre-Pack Small Items

Typically, the best Scottsdale local moving companies are there to handle heavy, bulkier items.  So be sure to clear all the clutter and smaller items so that they are not in the movers’ way.  Also, if small items are boxed and sealed, then the movers know they are ready to be loaded on to the truck.

best moving and storage company in Scottsdale

Take Inventory

One helpful tip from the best Scottsdale moving and storage company is to make a detailed list of the items that your professional movers will be in charge of.  Neither you nor the moving company wants there to be any controversy on moving day, so try to check the items off your list one by one as the movers load them onto the moving truck.  Lists are always a great way to stay efficient and organized.

Take Photos

For larger items such as appliances, electronics, and furniture, be sure to take pictures of them from several different angles so you can see their condition before the move, and then compare those images with their condition after the move.  The best long distance moving company in Scottsdale is trained to protect your belongings during a move, but accidents can happen, and it is best to be prepared for them.

best moving and storage company in Scottsdale

Clean and Organize

The best local moving company in Scottsdale is fully equipped to move the heaviest items, but there are several things you can do to make the job a little safer and easier.

  • Remove Items from Drawers, Bookcases, and Cupboards
  • Fuel Should be Drained from All Power Tools
  • Remove Blankets and Sheets from All Beds

best moving and storage company in Scottsdale

If you need assistance with your next move, contact the best moving and storage company in Scottsdale, Lifetime Moving and Storage.  Give us a call at (602) 344-9988 to speak to one of our team members today!