1. Feedback Form Protocol 

When Feedback/Complaint form comes in 100% Satisfied:

Email the customer "Survey for Gift Card" template from ops email workspace
Call the customer and ask them to review us on google and/or the BBB for a $10 starbucks gift card.

When Feedback/Complaint form comes in less than 100% satisfied and damage/missing items or general service complaint are mentioned:

Email the "Your Moving Claim"  template from ops email workspace
Call the customer and advise that you emailed them instruction of how to file a moving claim (do not engage in the conversation, simply advise you are not a claim adjuster. Once they registered their claim, they will be assigned to a third party claim processor). They must initiate the claim registration themselves, to be assigned to a claim adjuster!
You can walk them through the claim registration over the phone, if they need your help: www.lifetimemoving.com --->"24/7 Help Desk" tab ---> "File a Claim" tab --->"Click here to register your moving claim/complaint" red tab ---> complete all fields and submit.
Paste the feedback form content to granot file notes.
Notate granot file

2. Claim Registration Form Protocol

Email customer the "File Transferred to Claims" template from ops email workspace.
Foward the claim registration form to: support@movingclaims.net
Paste the claim registration content to granot file notes
Add to customer name (delivery part) on granot file "/movingclaims.ent"
Notate granot file.

3. When customer is asking us for the status of their claim:

Advise customer to contact support@movingclaims.net directly or call them at: 1-800-513-6060
Email support@movingclaims.net and request the status of the claim on customer full name XXX (do not email order # as they have no access to granot).
Email the customer the "Claim Status"  template from ops email workspace.
Notate file
When moving claims replies to us with status - paste it to customer's file.

Feedback Form and Claim Registration Form Protocol