1.    Go to granot MAIN MENU SCREEN
2.    In ADVANCE SEARCH enter Broker’s Job #
3.    If no file found, go to QUICK SEARCH and enter the Broker Name
4.    Open matching file:
5.    In ENTRY FORM screen: add customer contact info,  leave broker info on.
6.    If file not found:
7.    Go to NEW ESTIMATE to create a new broker file.
8.    Select department “B”
9.    Click on Local/Long Distance
10. If it is a JOB ACCEPTANCE – no customer info listed – enter Broker’s info from order.
11. OR if available - Enter Client contact info (yellow fields are required). Always ensure you spell correctly and enter ALL phone numbers correctly and spell email address as listed on Broker’s order!
12. Based on Broker’s Order for Service – determine if LBS or CU FT based (only Anna can change this if you made an error selection).
13. In “how you heard about us” field, enter Broker’s name.
14. Click “Continue to inventory” button.
15. In “Add New Item” – enter:
a.    “Pieces per broker XXX” (based on number of pieces listed on order.
b.    Enter LBS of total LBS or CU FT (depends on what Broker’s order states).
c.    Select Qty: “1”
d.    Click “Add New Item”.
e.    Then click “Submit” button to save.
16. Go to CHARGES SCREEN: look on Broker’s order for the reference #. Enter that full number in granot ”Ref No:” field.
17. Click on “Submit Charges” button to save.
18. Still in CHARGES SCREEN: Update pick up window
19. Click BOOK THIS JOB.
20. On the Broker’s Order for Service – Write granot’s order #and highlight in yellow
21. On the Broker’s Order for Service  look for:
a.    “other services” – add these charges exactly as showing on the order, in the granot file, in “other services” link.
b.    “discounts” – add these discounts exactly as showing on the order, in the granot file, in “discounts” link.
c.    In “discounts” link, add: “Broker adj” and the amount needed to discount the order, to match the total $ with Broker’s order total $. (granot total minus broker’s total is your amount to enter as “broker adj”).
22. Go to PAYMENT screen:
23. Enter “Paid to Broker” and amount as listed on Broker’s order for service.
24. Click Save
25. File the Broker’s Order for Service with the calendar book by first pick up date window.

How to enter Broker's Job Acceptance and Broker New Job