Print two copies of the Delivery Request Form.  
In granot:

1. In “Pick Up info” tab, enter the delivery address as listed on form and all phone  number. Make sure you type al correctly!
2. In CHARGES screen - ENTRY FORM screen add additional phone numbers as listed on the form.
3. Add to OPERATIONS - JOB COMPLETION screen shuttle, stairs fee, any other charges needed and delivery service related.
4. Check for updated storage fees in JOB COMPLETION
5. Check PAYMENT tab - that account is current and storage is paid up to date. DO NOT LOAD AND SHIP unpaid storage jobs. These storage delinquent accounts shipments, should not leave the state!
6. Calculate delivery dates spread (use the BD app), based on contract BD agreement and customer’s FADD.
7. In CHARGES screen enter the delivery spread in “delivery Request:” fields.
NOTE! 7 BD needs to be added to the spread (end date)!
8. In granot OPERATION - “print slip pick up” (bottom right).
9. Cut bottom slip (under cu ft).
10. Highlight date spread, Destination City and State. Put slip on Ben’s board.
11. Add job to Dependable/Lifetime e-board
12. How to add 7BD to delivery spread:
13. 7 BD on contract - calculate 14BD
14. 14 BD on contract - calculate 21BD
15. 21 BD on contract - calculate 28 BD
16. Call customer:
Hi, this is Lifetime Moving & Storage from the dispatch office. How are you? (well, dandy...).
I am calling regarding your delivery request form.
It was received on our end and I wanted to confirm that the information listed is accurate.

Confirm First Available Delivery Date (FADD) as listed on the form. Provider delivery spread dates.
Confirm Delivery address
Check if access problems, more than 14 stairs
On Bill of Lading/Contract:

Add any additional charges and update remaining balance. Balance to always match what it is in granot.
Update balance on Envelope.
On top of envelope  - tape the delivery request form
Keep copy in the customer's manila file.In granot: CHARGES screen - notate file in rep remarks “confirmed del req form, put slip on board”.

Delivery Request Form Email Received Procedure